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I woke up super early this morning with a horrid migraine ugh eventually after a few hours it passed but I am now super tired from so little sleep.

Work went well yesterday, I got high-fived by my district manager twice! I got paid so I went to Target based on a sale Matt told me about and got a copier/scanner/printer combo thingy! I also got two new sweaters for Daniel that are just lovely!

I am eating tacos before I go to work since it is going to be a very long and tiring day for me, I am also bringing some turkey leftovers for my break.

Matt called me so late last night just to tell me he missed me all day and loved me heh. When I told my friend at work the things he tells me, she giggled and asked what kind of tricks did I perform while he visited heh…. yeah… kinky fun times!

I am just rambling on and on today… so I am going to finish my tacos, take a quick shower, then go to work!

posted on November 29th 2003 at 6:46PM CST

Blah I hate headaches.. especially migranes. Glad to hear about your work :). Blah I need to find a job :P. Mm I love tacos :D. Anyway I like your site. The layout is very pretty! Keep it up!

posted on November 29th 2003 at 7:33PM CST

You deserve every good thing you get, you truly do. I’m so so proud of you. And I’m glad your headache went way, so cheers for good things. Have fun at work!

posted on November 29th 2003 at 8:50PM CST

Eeek migraine! I never want one of those.  And congrats on your purchase, I love rewarding myself after a tired day at work by buying myself something.

posted on November 29th 2003 at 11:10PM CST

Aww..migraines suck big time.  :( 
I wish I could find things I want on sale.  I went to check out sales yesterday, and everything I wanted was still to expensive for me.  I’m glad you found something cool, though! :D

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