July 22nd 2002 / 1 minute to read

Well, even though I am not the only one who seems to be neglecting their sites, I do feel bad. I have done skins for almost everything, accepted a few more hostees, and re-did Wisdom and worked very hard on a new theme for it.
Chubs is doing okay, three teeth now. Wow. Just, wow.
I saw Morgan’s new layout for Echo. Lemme tell ya, she has talent!
Hmmm, not much else to say, I have not really been feeling good. The mono really bothers me sometimes. I totally crashed for about 3 hours tonight, Matt was getting worried heh.
I updated the, ahhaha, update page on OneStarryNight, it now shows the last few recent posts/topics on wisdom, along with all of the last updated blogs here at OneStarryNight.
I need to prune the forums for members who never posted or who did not post 5 times in a month. Fun fun. Looking for more members and mods for that.
Just looking for anything and everything with OSN projects.
I am very out of it right now.

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