June 22nd 2002 / 1 minute to read

I know I have not blogged much lately and when I do, it is very tiny entries. Although when I blog big, no one seems to notice!
Anyways, yesterday I opened what I assumed was my empty wallet and found $30! So we went to the CheeseHouse and got well, cheese and meat for Matt’s sandwhiches, a few things of Amish baked goods at a Amish run stand across the street, and hmmm what else? Oh yeah some strawberries from the store. Of which I used a pint for my smoothie which was my dinner heh last night.
We have a new blogger at Pagan Voice and she is awesome, really participating with Pagan @ OSN and Wisdom as well!
No one seems to be online much these days or emailing or well heh anything! I am pondering another “comment if you read” entry fest, perhaps later this week since I have noticed I have been linked to a ton of places recently! Which is mucho awesome.
Well, I suppose I should find SOMETHING to do with my time right now so I will try and blog later!

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