June 6th 2002 / 3 minutes to read

I am still feeling crappy, so this might not be a long entry.
We are slowly unpacking and buying everything. Why buying more things you ask? Because of the apartment drama.
On Friday, we get a notice that the building has been sold. Later that day Matt talks to the new owner who let’s us out of our lease. Fine. Jump for joy. Saturday, Matt goes to the apt, picks up more of our things. Sunday Matt goes to do the same, but wait! ALL of our kitchen stuff is gone, our sheets, about 1/3 of baby clothing, bathroom stuff, is gone! What happened to everything ,we ponder. So Matt calls the previous owner who procceeds to use foul language etc etc and he claims it was the new owner. So later on Sunday, we go back to the building and the new owner is there, so Matt asks him what happened to our belongings.
Landlord: I was under the impression you were staying until October
Matt: Then why did you throw out our belongings?
Landlord:Oh yeah *flustered* well you are out of the lease now so never step foot on the property again, I don’t want any trouble
So, I wanted to contact the police, as did my sister, mother, and step-father, but Matt doesn’t want to have any hassle go on. So now we have had to spent over $100 in things for the kitchen, bathroom, in general, and some clothes for my son. We still have no sheets.
On other blatherings, I updated Acquire, Wisdom is having some new features and an awesome contest, I still have a lot of Reviews to add but a few of the reviewers have yet to actually email me their reviews. *as I frown upon that* On the perky OneStarryNight side, Crystal has been such a major help to me with all of the projects, especially with me being sick and what not. Give her some love.
Yesterday we went to Amish country and got some fresh baked goods, I got a loaf of white bread and a small loaf of banana bread, Matt got cookies, a cherry pie, and I think something else, but I can’t remember. The other day we found this amazing fresh fruit/veggie stand. The guy owns a farm so we got fresh strawberries, onions, peppers, and cantalope. I love this time of year for all of the stands, not the weather heh.
Speaking of the weather, it has gone from 60-90-60 with tons of rain. Ick. I love the rain just not that 90 degree temp!!
I want to start a garden, veggie/fruit/flower but I know nothing of how to garden and what would grow well. Anyone want to share some tips?
Hmmm not much else to discuss at the moment. There is still a lot to do around here, but I really welcome the comments and participation with all of OneStarryNight’s projects. I am going to play with Daniel now heh so blog on later!

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