May 29th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

I have a reallllly long restricted entry coming up, too tired to type it at the moment.
On other news, I fear I have mono again, I have just about all the symptoms. So I plan on going to the doctor tomorrow, if I can get seen, and have a blood test.
Today, not much happened, we got the keys for the house we are renting, got the tools for the paint, a pale blue color, which will be for the living room, and perhaps the “office” type room.
Right now Matt is tossing Daniel into the air, which is making Daniel laugh hysterically, it is SOOO sweet!
I added a few older skins to OneStarryNight last night, it was something to do to occupy my time.
I’ve gotten a few hosting requests the past few days, but I do not think “cause free servers SUCK!” is a reason why I should host them. Although I really would love to host some more people. I am not looking for a fantastic design as much as I am about participation and people who update OFTEN. I am even willing to make the layouts heh.
Well, I suppose that is it for now. Visit Crystal, sometimes, I do not know what I would do without her to talk to about everything.
Okey, going to feed the chubling and see if there is anything neat on the tv.

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