I need to answer more questions!

In refrence to this post, I have so far $308!!! So a lot to go but thank you everyone! Especially Sarah and Amber!!

I am just trying to find a way to earn my goal amount ASAP. So I haven’t been blogging so much lately!

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posted on June 15th 2003 at 8:11AM CDT

WOW! You went up almost two hundred bucks in just two days! Thats so awesome! Im glad you have so many wonderful friends willing to help you :D

posted on June 15th 2003 at 12:42PM CDT

Good luck with raising the money. I hope you get to raise the $4,000 you need.

posted on June 15th 2003 at 9:58PM CDT

WOW!! go sarah! thats awesome! *does a little happy dance*

posted on June 15th 2003 at 9:58PM CDT

Bloggin is good ;) Im commenting coz I really love this layout here! Its got this sophistry about it. Take care!

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