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How often does everyone visit imagination anyways? I updated Pagan@OSN and made all the content with a printer friendly option, I hope that effort is appreciated heh, took me forever to do it.

hahaha Daniel was sleeping on my shoulder and I just looked and he drooled all over me! Cute baby I swear!

I am just so blah. Depressed, well I have every reason to be depressed obviously heh, just feels like things don’t change for the better, that every day it’s another bit of bad news. Tomorrow, hopefully my sister will take me to the library so I can check out every single excercise video, since we returned everything last night, but they close early on the weekends.

I mailed out quite a few cards yesterday, still have a lot more to write though. I have the worst handwriting, probably because I type way more than hand write things, so I feel bad for those getting a card from me, I can only hope they are able to decipher what I wrote!

Before I forget, Jenn has a new layout! Morgan has the most awesome new design as well!

Sometimes I want to add more projects to OSN, not sure what though… fanlistings? Group photolog? I have no idea hah, any suggestions?

Ah yes, please, if you have the subdomain musings linked, please change it to just osn!

I need to weed through my own links, remove some, add some, etc. I added a ton of people who I found had linked me, I will pretty much link anyone who has linked me if you give me the heads up about it!

I am really babbling haha, chubs is sleeping on me still and I am trying to ponder what to do for lunch. I am hungry, but not hungry at the same time.

Blah today.

posted on April 13th 2003 at 1:06PM CDT

I’d like to make projects but I have no idea what to do. A group photolog would be a nice idea for you :)

posted on April 13th 2003 at 2:46PM CDT

*hugs* I wouldn’t mind projects – and I think I may even start some sort of “fan” page for a band, although I’m completely sucky at image-intensive design, so we’ll see how that comes along.

I am in love with that VW bug. I plan on buying a silver bug soon, but that piggy one just made me wonder if a similar one wouldn’t be amiss… my parents would die with laughter, I think. Oh, that was just too funny. :)

posted on April 13th 2003 at 1:05PM CDT

I’m sorry that you are feeling blah.  I hope that you feel better soon.  You are such a strong person.  I don’t think I could handle things nearly as well as you do.

I do enjoy your photo log.  Your pictures of the snow outside of your window is the closest I have been to snow in years. :)

posted on April 13th 2003 at 4:27PM CDT

I look at Imagination as often as I get here and see you’ve updated it.  Loved the bug btw.  Those things have become so creative!

Hope you have the chance to get out in this beautiful spring weather. Maybe it will help you get rid of a bit of the blahs … Hugs!

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