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well I never got an email nor IM from “dove” so I will only assume it was a comment to annoy and nothing serious.
I put a new bg in the entrance of Imagine nothing but OH WOW comments about it.
I just feel so freakin TIRED these past few days nooo clue why! driving me nuts. I’m trying to think of how else to customize our forums….hmm…something to ponder……its friday tgif i suppose….I swear shouldn’t Ohio have like flowers bursting out by now? I mean its “spring” or so the calender tells me!Maybe I will re-read my cosmo thats always fun hahahhahahaa I just need something creative to do but WHAT exactly im in a creative BLOCK! Yesterday I got an IM that we should have a certain type of AV so I will keep a look out on graphics I could convert…….blahity