Blah Aren’t I Descriptive

June 12th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

I feel tired, *well duh mono but still*, Matt is playing with Daniel, which oddly enough, he has been doing all morning and most of the afternoon which has let me get some rest.
Last night, I made Matt a milkshake *going back to those good ‘ol BaskinRobbin work days* and he was all shocked “you mean, you don’t use powder?!” veryyyy funny to me. I also had made spaghetti with a meat sauce for dinner, I ALWAYS make my own sauces. Tonight, Matt will have those left overs, and I will have a chicken ceaser salad. I have a very little appetite these days.
I added a tagboard to Acquire which is for all ages. It drives me nuts though when people who are NOT 18+ years of age submit their sites. I just delete them asap from my inbox. I was happy to see Wisdom has gotten two new members this week. Very exciting ahhaha.
I love the idea of a pagan group blog, or cliques, but all I seem to find are geared towards wiccans, now don’t get me wrong, but that isn’t the only path of paganism which seems to be a misconception these days. Not to mention the lack of finding anyone online who is above like, age 14, who is in the same general type of beliefs. As, I move on…
I need recipes! I plan on making, for the first time ever, when the avocados ripen, guacamole! I got addicted to it from Chi-Chis heh. I also need recipes in general! Something fast and easy would be nice.
Well I shall be going now so share the love!

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