Blah Headache

February 28th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I woke up with a wicked migraine. Matt told me he is gonna cut his job hunting today 2 hours short because he is worried because the pain is only slightly better. Plus, he said he would do a load of diapers since again, I feel like utter crap.

Blogrolling is down so that is why none of my links are showing up.  *Edit- Seems to be back up!*
Thanks to everyone who commented on the last entry about this design! The behind the scenes stuff is very difficult but appears to be very simple, if that makes sense heh.

Okay, gonna sit here drinking some soda (I do it for the caffeine when I have headaches instead of taking pills) and hope it kicks in soon!

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I love the new layout! So pretty!

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Feel better soon.  Migraines are the pits.  Sounds like Matt’s done another 360, this is a good thing!

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Angel Whispers

Yay!  I finally got to your site again!

Sorry you’re not feeling well, Sarah.  I do the caffeine thing, too when I have migraines.  They’re the pits.  My pepsi is usually a chaser to 2 Motrins, though.

Take care… the site looks great!

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