April 4th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

I did a new layout for OSN, but not sure if people will like it. Matt described it as “Windows Xp-ish”, would anyone like to take a look and give their honest opinion? I seem to have layout block.
I am going font hunting later, what is your favorite font site(s)? Also, if you have a digital camera, what kind do you have and your review of it.
Not much else going on, Ali and Jessica are coming up to visit this weekend. Hopefully Daniel will tolerate it well.
Last night we had Outback for dinner, JUST because you have a baby doesn’t mean you can’t have the Outback Special, everything on the potato, with honey mustard dressing on the salad, and that nummy bread. Have to love carry-out services! Mmmm, I saved my bread, cheesecake, and cheese fries, for today heh. It is amazing how I can eat with one hand.
Hmmm this is basically a mindless post. I am going to fiddle with MT later, just adding convience stuff for myself really. Also going to add the referrer script to the font section because lo and behold I found a couple people linking to it. Maybe I should put a counter there and on this blog. Oh, yeah, people, the poll is not meant for you to fiddle with. I doubt 58 people visited my blog and voted for Yahoo. C’mon get real.
Well that is it for now, shall try to blog later!

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