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I started my day out with a massive migraine, my sister came to my work and dropped off pills and mcgriddles. Work was very slow today which I didn’t mind because of the migraine obviously. My sister then picked me up from work and we went to the store and she let me drive home (we want to get my DL very soon) in the joy that is rush hour traffic! It’s not that I have problems driving it’s just nice to feel comfortable driving after not driving for so long.

Then… I had Taco Bell and Pop for dinner. It was good. Yay for PMS cravings.

Oh yeah my sister and I also cleaned the kitchen and watched Daniel ride his bike. Good times!

Bleh I dread work this Saturday… I like the extra money but it just wears on me physically and emotionally. For example, today, EVERYONE on the sewer side left at noon yet I’m still around answering the bitchy/non-existant phone calls. I had one customer go off about Chris (on the sewer side) and all I could say was that I was sorry on his behalf for being rude and she hung up on me. Whatever… at least she didn’t cuss me out.

I am making no sense at all right now. Sleepy.

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posted on August 12th 2005 at 7:13PM CDT

Mmmmm Taco Bell