October 21st 2003 / 1 minute to read

I do not like being sick. I was all dizzy at work… I did get a credit though go me! I am pretty sure I work at four tomorrow lol.

I have a picture of me… not the best quality since I took it of me in a mirror with the flash heh… but if anyone wants to see… I figure some people might want to see what I look like.

Tiny entry, I am so mentally out of it right now! My tongue hurts! It hurts, feels swollen… I do not like being sick!

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Gimme More

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No one likes to be sick.  Take care of yourself and rest a good deal when you are able.  Yummy chicken soup does the trick too.  Blessings for health… Get better quick, hun!

Reply to Barb

Hey. Do take care! You have a nice site by the way.

Reply to Charlene

*huge hugs* Feel better soon, mummy Sarah! And what a time to be sick, when it’s snowing and gloomy outside.

Warm, fuzzy thoughts coming your way!

Reply to Kristin

it sucks that you’re sick… i hate being sick, especially at work. your site is VERY VERY beautiful… i just love the graphics! i put up a link to you, i hope you don’t mind.

Reply to whitney

awww hope u feel better soon! gorgeous site!

Reply to ceri

Aww no! Why did you feel dizzy?  I always get petrified when I had a dizzy spell cos I think it’s something really serious or something.

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