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Tiring and slow day at work yesterday. Work today at 5p. I got irritated because it seems apparent to me that a co-worker (that works very rarely) was “stealing” credits, aka – wasn’t asking the customers if someone else had told them about the credit card, because normally this person rarely gets a credit a season… so yeah irritated about that.

I feel bad because I haven’t really talked to anyone lately. I just have zero energy or thought left when I get home from work.

I am feeling so smart lately with databases, Pagan@OSN should be done very soon!

Updated fanlistings, answered questions

Still waiting on quite a few hostees to email me back! Well.. at least 4 of them.

I am so totally out of it. Later this week we are visiting my mother in Iowa… first time she will be seeing my son in the flesh. My birthday is this friday, October 17th. I will be 22. I really am hoping it isn’t forgotten like it was last year (minus a few of my friends who emailed/sent e-cards, etc!!) I don’t think Matt will even send me a card for my birthday, he rarely makes contact with me anymore.

I feel bad for Daniel, he just nursed to sleep and I have to shower and go to work, which means waking him up, putting his shoes on, getting him into the car seat… *sigh*

I am just in a weird mood lately.

posted on October 13th 2003 at 3:36PM CDT

In case I forget, happy early birthday!  I can’t wait til you’ve finished (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)‘t know why, lol.

posted on October 13th 2003 at 9:38PM CDT

I hope you enjoy your trip to Mom’s. A vacation will be very good for you right now. You’ve been working hard for quite some time. Enjoy the time and come back invigorated and renewed! You are never bad for being tired and spent doing all you do. We who care understand and are probably feeling very much the same way!

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