I’ve been working like crazy tonight to get Pick-Me back up.

I now work tomorrow, 10a-5p. Whatever, more money for the wee chublet always a good thing!

I talked to Matt for like 3 hours last night, even got to see him on webcam. It was nice. I miss him. It’s hard not knowing whats going on although he seems to know what our relationship is… I dunno.

It’s hard to know what to say anymore I am so brain dead lately. Well, maybe I have some things for a restricted entry soon lol.

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posted on August 19th 2003 at 3:55AM CST

Hey I used to stop by Pick-Me, especially when surfing through the listings. :) Your site is really pretty too – there’s a special mystical feeling to it. Do take care!

posted on August 19th 2003 at 5:39PM CST

I went to pick-me.net to find a host for my personal :D It’s an amazing idea for a site. I’m in love with the layout you have for your site…I was speechless when I saw it. It looks a bit like an oil painting gone digitial, if that makes sense. Incredible job :) I hope you feel better soon and you figure out things with Matt. Take care and good luck

posted on August 19th 2003 at 7:54PM CST

Hurry up! I miss my Pick-Me! ;) ♥

posted on August 19th 2003 at 8:24PM CST

I’m absolutely in love with your layout!  Is sooo beautiful!  hehe!  Don’t think too hard hun, I’ve been doing that lately too, and it just wastes time when you could be having fun!  hehe :)

posted on August 19th 2003 at 10:15PM CST

If you need help with anything on Pick Me, let me know.  I used to run their reviews but got bored with it lol.  I’d love to contribute in some other way though.

posted on August 19th 2003 at 11:13PM CST

this place looks very nice :)  i never can come up with anything to say in my blogs either, so you’re not the only one.  anywho take care

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