So yeah we did end up going to the picnic. The only highlight was the water fight between me, my sister, and her girlfriend.

I am so exhausted. I can’t shake this tiredness.

My moods lately… one moment I am perky… the next… it is all I can do to keep from just sobbing.

Heh. Worries me.

It probably doesn’t help that I listen to songs that just… start the sobby feelings. That new Frankie J. song… Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams is another. Sigh…

This is a blah entry lol

I am starting to slightly panic that I am no where close to the money I need to move. I am worried because right now I don’t have a place to move to! My options are disappearing heh.

There is so much in my head that I want to let out… but I don’t know how.

I am totally babbling I know.

Bleh my emotions right now…

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Keith Little
posted on July 20th 2003 at 4:24PM CST

You should listen to the blues. It sounds like the worst thing to do but the blues are actually all about feeling better – listening to Muddy Waters or Sonny Boy Williamson always helps me.

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