March 3rd 2005 / 2 minutes to read

I have a headache, whats new right? I took some Excedrin but it’s not helping much and made my tummy feel icky.

I got up at 6:30 this morning, showered, all of that fun stuff.

I wrote a big ‘ol thing in my LiveJournal.

Daniel is so cute, I get him to do the itsy bitsy spider and the wheels on the bus songs, he prefers the bus song, I do it like… “the horn on the bus goes beep beep beep…” and he does it and we have hand motions and just awwww so very cute.

I did my credit report yesterday finally, all I have on it are bills from the hospital where I gave birth. Which shouldn’t be on there since I was under good insurance at the time, so I need to call and get that taken care of. One day I would like to have a credit card heh.

I need to do more real mail. Does anyone want to exchange cards/letters?

I have issues, I have my hair down since well head hurts right, so I am all tugging on my hair thinking “wow hair! I have hair!”… yeah… issues.

Anyone want to go to Wendy’s and bring me a potato and chili? I totally need to grocery shop tomorrow. I need to think of an actual grocery list. I need to go through all the wonderful recipes people have emailed me!

Edited to add:
My sister’s boyfriend got me Wendy’s! A potato and a taco supremo salad! Nummy goodness!

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Hehehe…sure we can be pen pals. I am not sure if you still have my mailing address. I don’t have yours. I am forgetful most of the time. Email me and We can get started. I still love using snail mail. LOL!

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stop! pen pals??!?!?!?!? i’m in there.

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I would love to be pen pals! I used to have like 4 of them..all friends from Arkansas but they just stopped writing :( I am only still intouch with one of them. Anywho I love writing letters and love having reasons to buy cards and all that stuff.

Reply to Sharon

I like to keep a selection of dry goods in the cupboard that can be used for quick meals/snacks:-

Rice (Long Grain/Basmati/Arborio), Pasta, Noodles, Flour, Assorted Spices, Stock Cubes, Assorted Pickles (Beetroot, Shallots, Red Cabbage), Olive Oil, Groundnut Oil, Soy Sauce, Tabasco.

Strings of Shallots & Garlic will keep for a reasonably long time in a dry cupboard too.

Fresh herbs can be chopped and and kept in the freezer if you have one – or in the icebox of the fridge if there is room. Another fridge staple is a tube of Tomato Puree.

Add eggs, potato, pepper, cheese, zuchinni and egg-plant (or any combination seasonal veg) along with your choice of meat and there are countless meal options… your only problem is deciding exactly what to cook!  ;-)

Reply to Timm

i know you don’t know me AT ALL but i love writing/getting real mail myself. i would love to be pen pals. ;)  i’m a lurker btw. i’ve read your journal on and off for the past 2 years, i think? i’ve been gone from the ‘net for about 6 months and you were the first journal/person i looked up.

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