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As of now I am no longer employeed by the evilness that is Lane Bryant! My dad brought home some helium balloons for the baby… yeah so far 2 hours and counting of Daniel playing with them giggling hysterically heh.

My sister and I (my sister had picked me up from work tonight) had an entertaining time at our local grocery store and we discussed puppets with a friend of ours hehe.

I hope to get some web work pretty fast to help out for groceries, on Monday I need to call the temp agency to let them know I am now available so yeah… on that :)

Out of curiousity, which skin are you using and why?

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posted on April 3rd 2004 at 3:51AM CST

I take it that means they hired you? Hope so! All’s good then…

Wow, that 2 weeks went by fast!

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posted on April 3rd 2004 at 6:28PM CST

Hey Sarah. I love your site. Heh, that’s cute about your son and the ballons. You don’t know me, I visit OSN often though. It’s a very nice place for Pagans to come and learn of the ancient ways. You should be proud.