March 30th 2004 / 1 minute to read

A ton of work issues going on. Lot’s of drama and crap.
:( makes me upset.
My sister bought Daniel the cutest basketball jersey and shorts and Old Navy tonight, we put it on him right away and he just loves it!

My sister, Matt, and myself are all trying to work out more, at least three times a week if not more! Fun on treadmills n what not :)

Matt is making me a bagel :p

hehe ok, I am going to prance a bit online for awhile!

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Sarah, it’s so wonderful to see all of you guys getting along.  Honestly, that’s the way life should be!  It simply must be spring.  Blah, with work.  It just sucks you have to deal with crappola!  Praying for something better for you!

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Angel Whispers

Hope the work situation improves for you.  It’s no fun having to go to work to begin with… it’s that much worse when you have to deal with all the crap, too!  ugh!

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