I have just not been feeling good lately.

If anyone wants my cell number (info on how to text me as well) let me know, one of the rare times I am in the mood to share.

My son is turning two years old this upcoming Friday! I can’t believe it… time is going by so quickly!

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posted on January 6th 2004 at 6:17AM CDT

Wow, Chub’s is going to be 2. The fun begins!!! I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well, it seems to be that time of year. I hope that changes soon – Well wishes,wizardress!

posted on January 6th 2004 at 9:25AM CDT

i would like the # since i cant get ahold of you any other way

posted on January 6th 2004 at 10:46AM CDT

sorry you havent been feeling well. hope that passes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son hope he has a great day! my brothers birthday is friday too lol

posted on January 6th 2004 at 4:23PM CDT

wow!! happy birthday to your son!! 2 is a good number:-D

posted on January 6th 2004 at 7:09PM CDT

I’m sorry that you aren’t feeling well, I hope you are feeling better soon!!  Happy birthday to your son! :)

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