Ugh I can not stand having this cold. Daniel is running around playing with cotton balls lol. He keeps squishing them.

My mind is so disjointed today. I have no idea what to bring to work for my break, aside from the usual baby carrots heh.

I have to figure out what kind of holiday cards I want to send out this year… store bought, printer made, or handmade.

Bleh waiting on my period to arrive in 4 days. I am SO freaking tired right now! This cold is wearing me out! lol chubs keeps giving me kisses, he is such a sweet boy!

Talked to the lover lol today and going to talk to him again in a little bit. He is going to be visiting again next week! hehe…. I am going through sex withdrawl! Of course he was like “I just want to hold you all night” and of course I am like “You will during kinky fun!”

Too much information lol hence me putting it in read more!

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posted on December 5th 2003 at 5:37PM CST

Pretty layout! Nice work! Cotton balls? lol, xD

posted on December 6th 2003 at 3:57PM CST

I really hate having my period, I hope you feel better soon. I like your site, very pretty. It relaxes me, oh so quiet in here. :)

posted on December 6th 2003 at 9:26PM CST

baby carrots… yummm

posted on December 6th 2003 at 9:50PM CST

I love this site, its amazing! Sorry about your cold, I hate having colds too! Hope you get better! Anyways, keep up the lovely work on your site! xoxo :)

posted on December 6th 2003 at 11:06PM CST

Hope you feel better soon.

posted on December 8th 2003 at 3:23PM CST

cotton balls? odd lol. this layout is beautiful…it reminds me of maple syrup. random but true.

posted on December 8th 2003 at 4:06PM CST

As for the cards, I suppose it depends on how many you’re sending. Maybe make computer ones for extended family and handmade ones for your nearest and dearest? I usually get store bought ones, and I and a lot of others would appreciate the thought and creativity that goes into handmade ones. :)

Feel better soon!

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