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posted on March 15th 2005 at 9:35PM CDT

I don’t know what the heck bloglines is! *clicky*

posted on March 16th 2005 at 12:48PM CDT

I do.  Hi.  :-)

posted on March 16th 2005 at 12:55PM CDT

I don’t do bloglines. That is an RSS feed type deal isn’t it? I guess I should go and check it out and see what it is officially. LOL!

I am the one who usually go to the blog and reads entries. Am I weird then?

posted on March 16th 2005 at 7:19PM CDT

I have you listed on there, but I don’t usually go to it because I have one of the nifty little desktop thingys that’s a bit faster.  :)

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