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Beth F

Lovely — isn’t wonderful when the gardens are in bloom?

Reply to Beth F

Thank you! I shot these all at a local park that ALSO has a decent sized flower garden area. I only wish my yard was this awesome LOL!


Your garden shots are gorgeous. I love the vivid green (its my favorite color other than rust) The shots are framed nicely and they capture “summer” very well. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Reply to Savvy

Thank you so much!!

Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

Aw thank you!!


The composition of that first shot is lovely. It makes me think fairies are going to run right around the corner:)

Reply to Joules

Thank you!!!


The pictures are stunning! very lovely

Reply to Amanda

Thank you! Local! A park / flower garden place over at Elmhurst and Algonquin.


So pretty-I love the purple ones! My favorite thing to do these days is walk around my neighborhood and snap photos of the flowers in other peoples yards :)

Reply to Faith

Thank you! Our yard sucks, so I have to stalk all the local gardens for prettyness lol.

Sarah, these are stunning. As usual. :) I’m so glad you stopped by and linked up for Wordless Wednesday. Thanks for the “twincident” shout-out by the way. ;) Hope you and your family have a great weekend!

Thank you! Seriously, it is the best word ever to describe it lol


Stunning pictures as usual… The colours are really vibrant and the contrast is literally amazing!
Enjoy July!

Reply to Marie-Anne

Thank you so very much!


Amazing, I love daisies :)

Reply to Damita

Thank you! They just seem so… SPRINGY don’t they!

I love that last one!

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