Am I really all that boring?

I don’t like using up effort to bitch about people’s crappy coding and design because well… that would take forever. I learned the hard way that people get way too defensive when I talk about any aspect of attachment parenting especially breastfeeding. Also it’s kinda hard because my entire family knows about this website so I feel like I can’t really write too much… well with the exception of restricted entries (which you have to register and be approved for).

Anyway, my heterosexual life mate and I have decided to simplify Pagan at OSN and have removed many of the projects that weren’t in use, so from now on we will focus on BOS entries and articles.

Soon I shall be starting to work every other Saturday (going to start doing it the 2nd of July) … yay for overtime! It’s only a half day 9am-1pm so I will still stay up late on Friday nights. That extra money will go straight into savings so that will help.

Kitten and I have been discussing recently how hard it is for us to post controversal subjects. For example, people get personally offended if we discuss our lack of belief in Christianity. I’m Pagan. She’s undecided.

Or yes how about the way we parent? Yep, I think formula is horrid. My son never had any of that crap. I do feel that parents who willingly CHOOSE knowing full and well that breastfeeding IS best and CAN be difficult but there is help if you need it to feed their children formula for ease of… I’m not sure actually… but I don’t look down on those who physically can’t or who didn’t know better. Kitten formula fed her daughter after struggles in their early breastfeeding relationship and she is pro breastfeeding.

I personally wonder why some people are more “popular” than other people who well… to put it bluntly… don’t show their breasts on “cam”, don’t detail their scary sexual exploits (seriously 2inches is not something to be proud of!), put down other people to get hits, etc. I suppose it shows who does and who doesn’t have some resemblance of self respect. I remember how just a few years ago you knew if you came to a domain it would be quality yet now with $5 for a domain name and $2 for monthly hosting you can have a billion domains showing off your body for hits! Wow why won’t I do that!

Yet still people act like I’m directing my views to them specifically? I’m are not saying, “You, yes YOU *insert their full name and address here* I’m are personally attacking YOU and YOUR views” I’m saying this is how I personally view my life, my childs life, my beliefs, heck even how I view proper design and coding!

On the flip side of things… it’s very nice outside so I think when I get home I will charge my camera for a bit and take Daniel on a long bike ride/walk since for dinner it will pretty much be warmed up pizza and a salad. Besides for walking being a good thing heh, it gives me time to catch up on all of the podcasts!

Malory put up a new template!

I also already want to redo a lot of things with this current design… just not sure what exactly except for changing some of the text and such. I changed it so “mini entries” aka those that aren’t even a full paragraph will be in a tiny wee box of its own.

If the weather works out I am going to grill again this weekend. I would love grillable suggestions! I have franks, burgers, chicken breasts, pork chops, and filet mignons in my freezer so any suggestions with those meats and I would love veggie ideas too! In my newest issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine it has a whole article reguarding grilling vegetables. I know I need to pick up more olive oil (I use olive oil in all of my cooking it seems) and some skewers. Which is better, metal or wooden skewers?

Well I am going to clean up a bit and go home to play with my boy!

posted on June 16th 2005 at 8:48PM CDT

I also think that you should post about whatever the hell you want, darling!

It’s your blog, YOU write about what YOU want. Hell, if you want to talk about breastfeeding, then do it! And if it starts anything, then that’s just as exciting! Controversial shit is interesting to read! hehe. And if someone bugs you about it, hello ban button!

Doooooo it, just DO IT! I know I’m beginning to. :)

posted on June 16th 2005 at 9:13PM CDT

Hey hun! I found your site through the roxydoll board. Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to do a link exchange. If so, e-mail me and let me know and I’ll be sure to add you =)

posted on June 17th 2005 at 3:26PM CDT

“Just stopping by…”

WTF? Please don’t tell me that’s a lame attempt to comment so that you pimp your URL out in Sarah’s comments.

posted on June 17th 2005 at 4:12PM CDT

Love the new layout (at least it’s new since the last time I was here. lol)

As for your views – you have the right to your opinion and to say whatever you want.  I may not agree with everything you say, but I won’t take personal offense to what you say, unless you direct it at me and it is offensive.  This is your site afterall. 

As far as formula feeding babies – I give my son formula. Not because it’s easier, but because he wasn’t laching on easy when I tried to breastfeed him and it was killing me…. not to mention he wasn’t getting the food he needed from it.  I wanted to breastfeed, but I gave up and went to formula. For women who don’t even try it, I guess it’s there choice, but please they shouldn’t complain about how expensive formula is and how they can’t afford it. And that is all….

posted on June 17th 2005 at 3:09PM CDT

You post whatever the hell you want.  It’s your life, your blog.  And I don’t think you’re boring :)  I think I’m boring actually LOL.

posted on June 17th 2005 at 3:15PM CDT

Just stopping by…..

posted on June 18th 2005 at 1:30PM CDT

I try not to take it personally when I read something stinging on someone’s blog or on a message board. Many times, I get a little offended by what I call all-or-nothing mentality – like there’s never a gray area anywhere. It does bother me to read people say things like, “Well, I would NEVER do this…” or “I can’t BELIEVE she’s doing that…” or my personal favorite, “If I were you, I’d be doing this…” I always think, how the hell do you know WHAT you’d be doing if you were me? Nobody knows – not even ME, half the time. Sometimes we figure it out as we go along. And considering even the most popular bloggers who post thirty-seven times a day are probably still only sharing about 10% of their true selves with the online world, it’s impossible to know EXACTLY what another person’s perspective is, and what other influences are affecting their choices. So, keeping all that in mind, I try to just let shit go when I’m online and I see people making what I think are judgemental statements. Because I can usually look at it and laugh, and think, “Man, she really has NO IDEA what it’s really like!” It’s funny how by the time you’ve been a mom for a few years, all the “I’ll never do this” things seem to fly out the window. It also helps, I think, to remember that most people really are not assholes. I mean, not REALLY. Something about being online makes people say stuff they would NEVER SAY face to face to someone. I don’t even know if this makes any sense. I guess my point is – I have my own point of views, beliefs, and opinions about religion and childrearing and even mundane things like how clean ones house should be. But that’s the beauty of it: they’re all mine, and just as they’re all my choice, I can also make the choice to not get defensive or angry when people choose differently – even when they’re all up in my face about it, y’know?

posted on June 20th 2005 at 8:24PM CDT

sarahkins, be the beautiful flower that you are. you came from me. i would really like to get you and son moved to licoln ne. what do you think? love, summer