January 22nd 2002 / 2 minutes to read

Okey updating hehe. Breastfeeding is going wonderfully, no problems at all, well maybe cept the fact I ONLY seem to leak ONLY in PUBLIC, rarely here at home hahahahaha. Daniel is doing great, he is one perky baby, smiling all the time, and for Morgan, Daniel was rolling over in the hospital, actually he was once he came out of pleasant wombness, I wonder if he was doing it more so because he had a tad more freedom being breech? Anyways, I am slowly getting used to Matt working again, it is just hard on me emotionally and mentally because well I feel so isolated. I mean, I have gotten NO phone calls, E-mails, snail mail, etc from friends and/or family. I am tired of ALWAYS having to initiate contact with everyone. Is it like that for all new mothers? Being ignored by most everyone??

A lot of people have asked me for pictures of Daniel, I did put a couple up on a special URL, but I am VERY freaked of just having pictures on the web of him, especially since being from AOL, I know what little teeny bopper brats do with baby pictures. No joke. Teen girls actually FAKE being pregnant, like teen pregnancy is “cool” and will also claim to be teen mothers and use other peoples photos and claim them as their own. So, hence my paranoia.

I want to do a new layout for OSN, for Valentine’s Day but I am not sure when I will have the time. I don’t really believe in having Daniel in some place other than my or Matt’s arms. A crib was a TOTAL waste of money and we use the bassinet as our “changing table”! Right now Matt is holding him, it is also Matt’s day *techinally night but whatever* off so yay for me!

Hmm I know this post is super boring and pretty much bitching but well at least I posted!!

I shall now plug all those who have new layouts that I have noticed!

Sarah, CG, Tess, and Morgan.

Since I haven’t really checked out any other sites, I am not sure if anyone has a new layout. Well give them (and me!) some love! I hope to babble more later!

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