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Album Art for Lay Your Hands

Simon Webbe

Lay Your Hands

Album Art for Linger

The Cranberries


Album Art for Sorry

Justin Guarini


poor, broken, dirty little flower.

It was very sad actually, people didn’t even notice, kept walking on it, drove me NUTS as I shot this at the local botanic garden!


How depressing >_< lol Poor flower!

Reply to Keeshia

That’s how I motivate people lol with depressing flower photos!


Why, oh why, do I not have your web design/coding skills? Or your photography skills? You should share these. Mail these skills to me in an envelope. Thanks. Love, Brittney

Reply to Brittney

LOL thank you! Could you imagine that? Like it’s some sort of dust or liquid one could consume to acquire skills? I could creep myself out thinking about it…


sometimes the broken ones are the most beautiful :)

Reply to Bridget

I couldn’t agree more!

Sad to see such a lovely flower broken and dirty!

Oh yes, people kept walking on them too, drove me crazy!


OK, so now I’m depressed. Sigh… Thanks a lot, Sarah! :)

Reply to liz

LOL!! That’s what I do! Depress people with flowers!

Life can be pretty hard sometimes. It’s a great reminder to take care of our environment.


Well if that’s not a metaphor for the fragility of us all, then I don’t know what is. Great photos. Very thought provoking. Well done Sarah!
Thanks for stopping by and linking up. Have a great evening. :)

Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

Thank you so much! I think people want to ignore anything that isn’t “perfect” or “pretty”.

I’ve not been feeling uber fresh and awesome lately so I thought these photos were fitting.


You know, I didn’t even realize it was broken with the first one, just thought it was very earthy and beautiful.

Happy WW!

Reply to amandab

Oh yes, there were a couple more laying around, but I didn’t have time to shoot them (both kids were tired after being at the gardens for so long lol).

How sad. That first one is actually beautiful though. Great pics. Happy WW! Thanks for linkin up!

Thank you so much!

Muthering Heights

These are so sad…but so beautiful!

Reply to Muthering Heights

Thank you!

Mrs. Cox

Sad but pretty all at once…

Mine’s up here {with linky}

Reply to Mrs. Cox

I totally agree! Stopping by your WW post!

Sad to see a flower like that however a great picture!

Oh there were SO many parents just letting kids tear the flowers off or just run through the beds… this is at the botanic garden no less!


Even though it’s a sad picture, it’s a fantastic shot! First time on your blog and it’s absolutely beautiful!

Reply to Uyen

Aww thank you so very much Uyen!


Even tho’ broken the beauty is still there and you captured it amazingly! Totally love the first picture…fantastic bokeh! :D

Reply to Maureen

Thank you! Oh yes, I used a decently shallow DoF with those photos.


Really nice shots. Truly wordless.

Reply to Ma.links

Thank you so much!!

Poor flower. I feel a bit bad for it. The pictures are nice though.

Thank you Marilyn!


These shots are pretty, but they make me kind of sad. lol

Reply to Catie

LOL I am apparently making a lot of people sad with these photos!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

That is so poignant. You’ve captured beauty and sorrow in the same shots.

Feel free to stop over Hobo Mama way and link up:

Reply to Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Thank you so very much!

I stopped by your WW!

I especially like the second one. Nice job.

Yay thank you Beth!

I have days where I feel like that flower.

Great photos, as always. Happy WW!

Oh same here, I think (or like to anyway) that everyone does at one point or another!

what a wonderfully amazing picture! you captured it beautifully!

Thank you so much Jenny!!

Poor thing … that’s so sad!

It really was quite sad, seeing everyone WALK on the flowers, people have no respect for even the smallest thing I swear!

Awww, poor little daisy. That first shot is just divine.

Thank you Melissa!!

LOVING your blog design, and your photos are fantastic. I love that even “broken nature” can look amazingly beautiful.

Ahh thank you SO much!!


I think the second picture looks like an album cover for an emo band.

Reply to Amy

HAHAHA omg that is AWESOME!

Very pretty! What kind of camera do you use?

Thank you! Currently I use a Nikon D90 with a variety of lenses although I mainly use my Sigma 105mm Macro and 50mm f/1.8.

Lovely pictures. I really liked them and now want to go outside and take some of my own!

Yay thank you! Yes you should take some photos and share with the rest of us!!


Wow that is absolutely gorgeous!

Reply to Caity

You take the most beautiful photos! Even in its death that flower looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us. Peace. :)

Reply to Michelle

Beautiful photos!
I like the way you portrayed the crushed petals of a lonely flower :) I also feel the flower is going crazy at last!

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