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I’m a sucker for bubbles and water droplets. I’m also a sucker for people who use my collage template. :)

I’m a triple threat in this post then huh! LOL!

I never knew bubbles photos could be so beautiful.
Getting a headstart this week. :-) Blogger Broadcast WW LINKY

Aww thank you!

Ah, how could one not love this post? Beautiful

Thank you Robin!

Incredible bubbles or perhaps I should say incredible camera coupled with incredible combination of eye and hand coordination.

Thank you!

Interesting theme you have here! Love the reflections in the bubbles. Happy WW!

Thanks Will!

Simply Delicious

I’m sure you had fun snapping those bubbles!

Chocolate Chip

Reply to Simply Delicious

Oh we really did! My little one LOVED it, until the bubble machine broke lol. I feel like we go through 2-4 every Spring/Summer!

Cafe au lait

beautiful captures!

Reply to Cafe au lait

Thank you so much!

Beth F

Awesome bubbles!

Reply to Beth F

Gorgeous! I used to love bubbles as a kid — and would actually holler to blow bubbles at every available opportunity. Your photos bring back those good memories!


I love the bubbles! You’re the epitome of talent, Sarah! Wish wish wish you sold your work!

Reply to Samantha
Jessica Cassidy

beautiful and colorful bubbles, amazing shots :-) Dropping by from Wordless Wednesday

Reply to Jessica Cassidy

Beautiful pictures. I love that you grouped them together, as well, instead of just putting them one after an other in a post. Wonderfully done!

Reply to Allison

So pretty!

Reply to Crystal

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