Between non stop work (well the work where people hold payment hostage or not pay me at all…).
My husband having a severe knee problem that requires TWO antibiotics and a week and a half off work.
My oldest son starting 5th grade next week.
Going to a new dentist and getting a small filling.
Focusing on losing weight (almost done with week one of carb cycling, we shall see…) and counting calories.
Never having any time to read.
Never having time to clean.
Being upset about why Facebook is being a pansy bitch to me, again.
Wondering why I’ve tried so damn hard to be a “blogger” for over twelve years now to no avail.
I’m known only for fixing blogs or making them pretty. That’s it. Twelve years of every thing to be stuck in a “she can fix my blog” box on my personal blog.
I’d love to start completely over.
I’m not a writer. I don’t even try to pretend I’m even close. I don’t tell stories and I am judgmental and bitchy half the time which no one wants to read.
There’s no such thing as a break or hiatus as a blogger. You stop posting, your numbers crash.
Yes. Numbers are fucking important. You’re lying if you say otherwise.
Tired of dealing with the weird and random troll comments I’ve been getting.
My inner chola wants to just take out my hoops and see how a troll handles themselves off their computer. Refer to the phrase “pansy bitch” above.
For the first time in over twelve years of blogging, I turned comments off on a post.
Burned out.