April 14th 2003 / 1 minute to read

My sister broke my digital camera, not on purpose, she said she was sorry, but it is totally broken, even my father couldn’t fix it. It was a $450 camera, the ONLY way I was able to get photos of my son, I can not afford film and developing so a digital camera is a very wise investment for me.

I am just broken hearted about this, I have no way of getting photos of my son now.

If anyone wants to donate to a new camera, then by all means, I would very much appreciate it.

This just makes me sick, and naturally she will not replace the camera. I am not angry… just really sad about this. What else is going to go wrong in my life?

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Ack. that sucks about your camera!  Sheesh.  I would donate one in a heartbeat if I had one. heh.  by the way, I can never see your photolog :(  I always go there.

Reply to kristen

I just wanted to share my sympathies..I wish there was some way I could help, but I only have one camera and it is not digital.  I hope things start looking up for you!!  I’ll be thinking of you :)

Reply to Megan

oh, sarah, that so sucks!  i know what it’s like to not be able to take any pictures of your kids; i couldn’t even really take any pictures of seamus’ first birthday yesterday, except on the webcam.

are you sure you can’t weasle anything out of your sister to replace it?  you know, i don’t know if it would be available where you are, but the other day i saw a digital camera/printer set for $150 at wal*mart.  it’s the one i am hoping to get for my birthday, and mark says it’s not a bad camera. 

i know it’s not the same as a really nice $450 camera, but better than nothing, right?

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That’s a real bummer, Sarah.

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Damn Sarah:O( That sucks…….I just gave my parents my old digital too:O( {{{hugs}}}

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