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I woke up cause its so damn-ed HOT!!! It was 96 today now being from tucson I can usually handle the heat…course I wasn’t pregnant there and I had a/c hmmm but its the HUMIDITY that kills me!! I finally put the big fan I had bought on the bed itself and propped it up against the dresser and that helps me to sleep. I am still messing around with the new section, I will probably email a few people for their input on it…….I wonder if I should buy a 3rd fan?? I am on a huge *Nsync kick right now I put all the mp3s I have of them on my playlist….which is a lot hahahhahahaha although last night was a huge Beatles kick…..more and more I am curious as to what the sex of the baby is although I won’t find out for another 2 weeks or so but I just want to start planning!! Plus if its a girl I NEED to think of a name!! Ugh I have to pee yet for the 100th time tonight…one of the many joys of pregnancy!