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I feel so cracked out right now. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I couldn’t think at all today, made that error with entries, I even started stuttering when talking to Matt earlier, I just could not get my brain to work at all today.

I am almost done moving hostees, if I have NOT emailed you back with the URL to log in with then you MUST contact me in the next three days if you want to stay with osn. Since I lost those entries I might not have gotten your comment about staying with OSN.

I had to remake our bed about three times because all of our sheets are somehow dirty and we did so much laundry tonight, so tomorrow all sheets need to be washed.

So I am really loving ExpressionEngine, Gina and I even figured out a few new nifty things to do with it. I have a lot of big plans, I am so excited to have been given this program!

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posted on May 20th 2004 at 8:10AM CDT

But of course your cracked out.  Hell, I’ve only spent 1/12 of the time on this stuff as you have, just tring to figure out what to do and I’m feeling overwhelmed.  Give yourself a break dear, you must have all this code stuff whirling in a tornado in your head.  Take a hot bath and have some good slow sex.  You’ll feel better – sex cures everything! lmao