Carbs are Tasty

February 9th 2006 / 2 minutes to read

Well fattening cheese pizza slice did elevate my mood yes it did! Can we say healthy dinner of sweet potato fries and salad with a rotissere chicken I bought from Meijer the other day? I thought so. I need to start taking foods of what I make for dinner again, everyone seemed to enjoy them.

I think I will pick Daniel up after work and then go to the Schaumburg library (huge!) to check out some more photography books. Really I just need insperation… oh and I need to remember to check my ISO on my camera because I totally forgot I had it set to 1600 and can we say BAD PHOTOS!

I am trying to figure out what to do with my money/bills at the moment. I have $200 available towards bills at the moment (well I can always do a bit more but I need to save some for next month). I have my SR22 and phone bill coming up as well as a credit card to pay off. So phone and SR22 is $126 total… see this is why I need a new desk and office type supplies! I wish all my bills came generally at the same time.

SR22- due Feb 16th
Phone – due March 2nd
Credit Card – due March 9th
Car Insurance – due March 4th
Car Payment – due March 21st

When is it supposed to warm up anyway? March or April?

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