March 4th 2005 / 1 minute to read

So I am doing my St. Patrick’s Day cards and 1 of them somehow ended up with an envelope way too small, 2 of them I forgot to put the shamrock confetti in… I feel like a Hallmark failure!

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St Paddy’s day already!? Hope you celebrated St Taff’s on the first too! :-/

Talking of confettit – I used to work with a girl who started emptying all the detritus from the company hole-punches into a small bag to take home. One day she took a call from her fiance and was looking rather sheepish afterwards. When asked what she’d done, it turns out she’d not written to him for a while, so when he received a letter he tore it open with glee – only for the hundreds of paper circles to go every where! Normally just a tidying up job – unfortunately he was a chef on a yacht, in the galley at the time, preparing lunch for the royal family! :bug:

The moral being – you could have saved yourself a berating by forgetting the confetti :)

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