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i talked to sarah the other night. and she says they’re really having a good time. i’m really happy for them . she’s been working and spending time with matt and daniel. so, father and son get quality time together. she called yesterday while i was out but, i saw it on the caller id. i tried to call her back but, it was like an hour later and there was no answer. i’m going to try to reach her today. this morning i went to breakfast with a friend and ran a couple of errands. it’s cold and there are snow flurries blowing all over. so, i’m hoping we get a good snow. anyway, one life to live is starting and i want to go watch it! everybody stay warm .

posted on December 16th 2003 at 12:48PM CST

I love this layout!  Very winter-y!  Keep up the great work ;DD

Meegs (ednorton)
posted on December 16th 2003 at 1:27PM CST

Oh wow, tis layout is balissimo….is that spelt right? balissimo? I dunno.
Im jealous..we have no signs of snow here..none at all. We’ve got rain though. Lots of rain. Which is a dispicable substitute!!!!!!!

posted on December 16th 2003 at 7:36PM CST

I have never seen any one put that whatchamacallit on the right (most commented etc. etc…) that is soo neato! I have never seen snow, I hope we get some snow in Texas this yr….
I hope you get a good snow!

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