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i talked to sarah earlier today and she asked me to tell you guys that she’s still fighting with the phone company. she’s also very tired today. she worked at 5am this morning. she wants everyone to know that if you want to donate that’s great. but, she’s not asking for donations. it’s just going to take her a little longer to pay the phone bill since she’s the only money she has. no one helps her pay her bills. so, it looks like i’ll be here updating from time to time. she did say she tried to get on her dads computer to update but, after she wrote a really big entry daniel thought it would be fun to turn off the computer . so, she asked me to let you guys know what’s going on now. daniel did enjoy his birthday. his father called him 2 or 3 times. anyway, i’m going to go for now .

posted on January 11th 2004 at 10:37PM CST

aww, i hope Sarah’s problem gets better soon! Her layout is awesome! keep up the great work!

Provance Username: Dreamtragedy
posted on January 12th 2004 at 11:42AM CST

Hopefully she gets to pay her bill soon. It sucks to not have the net. I know. Good day. :)

posted on January 12th 2004 at 2:23PM CST

Ah, if I could I would donate but unfortunately even I don’t have money.. I hope everything works out for you!!

posted on January 14th 2004 at 6:34AM CST

i dont know who sarah is but that sucks that she cant pay her bills…sorry to hear that..

posted on January 14th 2004 at 11:47AM CST

Ah, that must suck for Sarah :/ I’d go insane if I lost my lovely internet, I think. Well, I hope she gets things sorted out soon :).