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What is your favorite classical piece of music?

For me, it is Fur Elise by Beethoven… did I spell that wrong? Anyway, I don’t know why I like that piece in particular, but ever since I was young, that song… it really is beautiful.

posted on April 9th 2003 at 7:38AM CDT

This is impossible for me. As a violist I’ve played hundreds of songs throughout my life and I just find it impossible to pick one because there have been many that I’ve loved.

From a violist’s standpoint, though, “Symphonie Fantastique” is fun to play, especially around letter T. We get this crazy running part… :)

posted on April 9th 2003 at 10:28AM CDT

i have a couple that i like and i don’t know the names of them. i think they’re by beethoven. but, i do have an audio tape of beethoven and you gave me an idea between your last entry and this one. i think i might play my beethoven tape and meditate. maybe with some candles and inscense. thank you for asking the questons that made me think to do that.

posted on April 9th 2003 at 2:47PM CDT

Fur Elise is definitely my favorite also.  It always has been =)

posted on April 9th 2003 at 5:27PM CDT

Like you guys I love classical music and all the favorites from Beethovan to Tchaikovsky but more than that I love classical Guitar; Agust?n Barrios, Andr?s Segovia, Manuel M. Ponce. Manuel DeFalla and more… good stuff folks!

posted on April 10th 2003 at 3:01AM CDT

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Spring, if I must pick one)

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