I am doing three loads of laundry right now, cleaning the bedroom, I ran a load of dishes but we ran out of the dishwashing stuff so there is still a huge sink full of dishes…. which confuses me to no end …. but that is for another time heh.

I am going to pick up everything off the floor and then vacumn. I need new vacumn bags now that I think about it.

“When I lost you I lost everything, but I still want you, When I lost you I lost everything, but I still want you”

I am listening to my mp3s which I need to go through one of these days as I have close to 2000 heh.

Still looking for a ton of hostees! So apply to be hosted here!

I am going to update some of the fanlistings later tonight. Check out the new Autumn Fanlisting!

Hmm I think that is it for now. I don’t work tomorrow so I don’t feel guilty for being up right now haha.

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posted on August 20th 2003 at 9:11PM CDT

You’ve got a new member of that fanlisting; I *love* autumn! :-)

posted on August 20th 2003 at 10:09PM CDT

very nice site,very well done

posted on August 21st 2003 at 12:25AM CDT

Beautiful layout!

posted on August 21st 2003 at 4:15AM CDT

ahhh, multitasking is painful. especially when it comes to cleaning. takes talent, lol. i hate going through mp3s too, or any sorts of file, but it needs to be done. sometimes yu get these rnadom bursts of wanting to clean/clear out something, whether it’s programs on your computer or your room lol. and once you start nothing will stop you. yeah.

posted on August 21st 2003 at 3:13PM CDT

I hate cleaning.. ahhh. I really respect anyone who cleans lol.

posted on August 22nd 2003 at 1:15AM CDT

Lovely layout! It really reminds me of a great scenery;)

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