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November 19th 2005 / 1 minute to read

I am considering closing Pagan at OSN. It gets a high enough number of visitors but zero interaction and I am SO damn sick of people direct linking and stealing everything from the site.

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Please keep Pagan @ OSN!  You could always password protect the entire subdomain.  The people that honestly want to use it and contribute are the only ones who would actually email you for the password.  The idiots that abuse it wouldn’t bother with emailing you for it.  They only steal from the easy-access resources.  Pagan is extremely helpful and I think if you keep it but secure it well, it will prove to be more beneficial than leaving everything out in the open.

Reply to Mel

Wow, maiden seems to be in shock (and maybe a tad upset?  :-p)

Don’t close it.  Protect it.  We both know how great EE is at protection ;)

Reply to Amy

First of all, if your website isnt providing the human contact you crave, then stop it.  But if this is your free expression to the world,  and you dont need outside comment or approval, then keep it.
You see,  I just noticed your addition to Witchvox, and I am looking for pagan connections in the immediate community.  I am a pagan married dad of a 7 year old girl and 3 year old boy.  I am working in the forest preserve and am looking to connect pagans around here with this awesome temple of a forest we have in our midst.  if you are an outdoors type or pagan and you want to nurture your own and your children’s connection to Mother Nature, please email me and get to know each other.

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