Cold and Skins

April 17th 2002 / 1 minute to read

heheh I am so buisy skinning OneStarryNight. I have EVERYTHING in PHP. Not to mention I have it so everything like the content, is exactly the same on each skin well for the most part. Like in the sections. Have to love includes! Woohoo fun! Some of the layouts people have asked me to bring back. I might not be able to do. Like SpringLight because EVERYTHING is different on the pages, and some, I might re-make using the same graphics/color scheme. Heck, if YOU want to submit a skin by all means! For this blog, hostees blog, or main site.
On a depressing note. Daniel has his first mini cold. He got it from Matt. It makes me sad. He seems fine just congested with a few coughs and a bit more sleepy, not at all fussy. Eats plenty. When he is awake, daymnnn is that boy perky. I dread when he enters toddlerhood. How will I be able to keep up with him!! He is so sweet.

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