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This is how I prefer to keep in touch with others and why

  • My favorite way is via iMessage and SMS texting. I wish I could publish my number, but the risk of increased SPAM comes with that.
  • The second best is email, using the contact form below.
  • I mainly write on my website. It’s the only place I feel comfortable.
  • I occasionally use Instagram. They are less about photos and more about stories and reels. Kills it for me.
  • I still use Twitter sparingly. I can’t help it. I was an original user in 2006.
  • I sometimes use Tumblr, but I primarily use it to follow others.
  • I still have a Facebook Page specifically for OSN, but I forget about it often.
  • I’m dipping my toes into using Mastodon. Let me know if you’re using it, too!

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