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Tonight I baked sugar cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies…Matt really likes them….turns out oatmeal raisin are like one of his favorites so go me!!! I KEEP thinking today is sunday!!! NO clue why! Drives me nuts….I have been so tired all day…kinda like when I first got pregnant and how tired I was then….sometime this week I will be making a Beef Roast with Mashed potatoes, corn, and brown sugar glazed carrots! Aren’t I the fancy one!! OH and gravy of course heh…….I am still so amazed that Matt never had well REAL foods growing up or even simple experiances as a child!! He’s never carved a pumpkin as a kid….he thought most foods came out of CANS! and HELLO soda is NOT a food group!!! Hmmm depending if the stew meat is FINALLY thawed out I might make stew …….depends on how hungry Matt is because if he is only kinda hungry then I will just make the gyro and chicken fajita kits since those are just tiny thingys hmmm I am so out of it and I feel bad cause I keep missing Ali and Crys online! Well I guess I shall ummm drink MORE milk heh and just LEAVE my comp online because then hopefully I will catch SOMEONE!