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February 14th 2008 / 2 minutes to read

It gets hard to write when you have such negative people coming around in a weird attempt to put me down just to make themselves feel better. Yay for “adult” behavior! I would be tempted to start over but I’m selfish. I like my google position heh.

Anyway, onto perkier things. My twin sister is going to be having a girl! So between the both of us, we will have a “matched” set of the wee ones. Doesn’t hurt that now I can buy every single neon pink glittery fluffy outfit possible! Key word is “glittery”.

I finally picked out a laptop since I’m mainly going to be using it for basic things, not photo processing and I probably wouldn’t be playing WoW on it too much (speaking of, my lovely 62 draenei mage is doing well! Yay for PvP goodness!), it didn’t hurt that it’s all swirly too heh. Depending on my funds, I will also be pondering a new monitor and video card even though my current desktop is old and can only do PCI.

Photography stuff wise, I have decided upon the Sigma 10-20mm and the Sigma 105mm Macro lenses. I will be getting the Nikon SB-600 flash. I will also be getting either the Crumpler 6 Millon Dollar Home or the Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home. Unless you have a suggestion for a different camera bag? I can be so indecisive. I also need a new tripod but NO clue what I want in that area yet. I would really appreciate your suggestions or at least what kind of gear you have! I also want to get more into lighting since I severely lack any knowledge in that area (I mainly prefer natural light photos). I just do not know where to get started!

I just noticed my Flickr account is going to expire. Debating if I’m going to renew or not.

Sometimes I feel so invisible to everyone. I’ve lost contact with well… everyone. Ever since I switched back to retail hours.  I don’t even know how to reconnect.

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I see what you mean, it is difficult to write when there’s so much negativity around. I’ve had that problem lately.

Congratulations to your sister, hope the little lady comes out nice and healthy. :)

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That’s a pretty cool laptop, I was looking at it the other day in best buy.  I think I may just have been attracted to the cover of it though :)

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That’s a pretty slick laptop. I’m in need of an upgrade myself, and since I cancelled my WoW account a while back, that’s not a dilemma for me. Although Warhammer Online should be coming out soon…. *sigh*

I picked up the SB-600, and it’s a great flash. I still don’t know enough about using it to it’s full potential, but I like being able to light a room by bouncing it off the ceiling.  =)

As for negativity, you have to learn to look past it. This is the internet, so there are tons of people that feel comfortable being asshats to people because of the anonymity they feel sitting behind the keyboard.

Keep your chin up! Besides, I look forward to seeing you make good use of those lenses.  =)

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YAY For baby girls :D Congratulations to your sister!

That’s a pretty dandy laptop =) I’m sure it’ll do just what you need it too. I just paid half for a new laptop for my fiance. It was an arm and a leg but well worth it =)

I’m super jealous of your lenses. Careful, i might steal them all :o

I completely understand feeling disconnected from everything due to work. Studying full time and working nights basically mean that you have no social life. :( Perhaps you could make some friends with some coworkers?

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Wandering through...
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I am very happy with my Sigma 105mm Macro lense, and I certainly recommend it.

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