October 13th 2006 / 3 minutes to read

I am SO cold. Last night I updated Imagine with a ton of photos. Daniel and I had dinner at my sister’s. Greek chicken and rice. So nummy! Then they made peanut butter cookies and she gave me some clothes that eventually I will fit into and other stuff.

Tonight I am going to sit down with my cookbooks and come up with an ethnic cuisine menu for the upcoming week for dinners. This morning for breakfast I tried the Quaker Oat’s Banana Bread Weight Smart Oatmeal, whew say that fast 3 times! I should have added more water, who knew oatmeal was so absorbent? It tasted ok, I’ve never really eaten oatmeal before. Let’s see if it keeps me full until lunch time! What I wouldn’t do for some starbucks right now though because I am still so cold!

So Daniel’s father called me yesterday, he apparently shipped a box of some clothing to his son so I am going to be on the look out for that. What bothered me during our conversasion, well a few things actually. First, how he said he planned on doing something mean to me on my birthday, I’m not sure exactly what… something about sending a card? Then he started complaining about how he might not have a place to live (he could live at his mother’s but he doesn’t want to, not that I blame him, it’s a disgusting house) and all this other stuff… but… he still finds time to go online and do gods knows what. I guess it just bothers me that I work my ass off to support our son with zero financial help (one or two boxes of some clothes a year isn’t financial help) from him and he still feels the right to complain how HIS life sucks to me? When he is the one to put himself in that situation? Then tells me how he basically cussed out and went off on his friends? It’s just… I’m tired of it. Like I don’t have enough to deal with I have to have that all laid on me.

On to other perkier thoughts… this past episode of Veronica Mars was awesome, just for the part in the “prison” where the “guard” played the Pina Colada song and Logan is all “I will tell you what you want to know” and the guard comes up and Logan says “Yes I like pina coladas and walking in the rain”. Ok maybe I am the only one that died laughing but still…. BUT STILL!

Seriously. It’s really cold. “Real Feel” is 15 degrees!

Someone, warm me up!

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