CoverGirl Ink It Eyeliner in Aquamarine

September 3rd 2013 / 1 minute to read





I wanted to love this eyeliner, I really did. It’s gorgeous swatched and REALLY set, took three tries with eye makeup remover to get it off my hand! However… and this is where it epically failed for me… it absolutely sucks on the waterline.

It barely applied, it was that sheer. I’m really disappointed.

I do think this would work well on the upper lashline but I generally use colors like these specifically for the waterline and sad to say, this didn’t work for me at all.

Price: $6-9 depending on sales
Where to Buy: Drugstores, Target

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That’s a bummer b/c it’s such a fun/pretty color.

RIGHT?! I was so happy when I bought it and then I swatched it… loved. Actually went to USE it? Epic fail.

kristen @ glambunctious

That’s too bad because the color is so poppin’!!

Reply to kristen @ glambunctious

I KNOW! It’s irritating. If it was a darker color I’d just use it on my top lash line but I bought it specifically for my waterline. Meh.

Amanda Jillian

That color is awesome too bad it sucks on the waterline.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I’m so cranky about it. It would have been absolutely perfect if it just worked on the waterline.

Amanda Jillian

Yup I understand the crankiness

Reply to Amanda Jillian

So sad it didn’t last on your water line. I’m still on the search .for my HG liner looks like this won’t be it!

Yeah, it really made me sad that it just didn’t work on my waterline at all! I’m hoping I can find a bright blue shade that DOES work on the waterline soon.

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