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I finally went to bed around 12:30am. I only stayed up because I could. Good reasoning there! So chubs and I woke up around 8:30am. Played some music and watched him dance, made him a waffle and some watermelon slices, then he had cheerios and strawberries.

I had a glass of milk.

Go figure.

Last night turned it into “that time of month” for me. Joy.

I have no energy today and I need to clean. Since last Saturday I worked, I feel out of sorts today. I am going over to my sister’s apartment later to plant some strawberry, peony, misc flowers, onion, and bell pepper plants. They get direct sunlight unlike myself, who gets no direct light… so I am keeping the plants with them.

I closed the evil checking account and opened a new checking and savings. So now I have two checking accounts and one savings account.

Remember that Visionary – Photolog is updated every single day!

I wish I had some sort of script… like a script to keep track of cleaning lol. I am horrid at forgetting things.

I know I need to wipe down the bathroom, Mr. Clean the bathroom and kitchen floors. Do another load of dishes in the dishwasher. Pick up my bedroom, attempt to pick up the hallway/living room. Just… painful sounding when I have the satanic cramps going on.

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posted on March 12th 2005 at 11:28AM CST

That’s kinda funny…I started my time of the month last night too. I am feeling poopy today as well. OIY! I wish us girls could fast forward the week and say “DONE!”

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posted on March 12th 2005 at 3:36PM CST

Aww… I’m sorry you feel so bad.  Hope you feel better!

CONGRATS on being online for 4 years (I read that on the sidebar!!!  I love your new skin, too!!