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August 24th 2005 / 1 minute to read

When I came home today one of the credit cards I had applied for well… uhh yeah… $500 limit wow. My first credit card! Umm… what do I do with it now to build up my credit so I can get a car and such?

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to build up credit, all you need to do is make small purchases EACH MONTH and make sure that the whole balance is paid off by the bill’s due date. don’t go overboard, because it’ll be harder to pay off the whole balance – just do about $50 or less on it each month. :)

Reply to Shannon

You need a yeah dat smiley like on MDC lol.

I’ve already told you how we did it.

So it was the FH one?  I told you they don’t turn anyone down!

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FH? I thought she applied for Visa only. I didn’t know you applied for more than one ;) I guess I should have read it more clearly when you said credit cardS. What does FH stand for?

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