August 6th 2006 / 3 minutes to read

I had yet another migraine last night. I should just start buying stock in excedrin at this point.

I bought so many groceries that the middle of my fridge is bursting with farm fresh goodness. Last night I made salad with goodies all from the farm except for the cheese, dressing, and croutons lol. I seriously need to take a Saturday off soon so I can go to the city and stock up and freeze a lot of nummy goodness, I can’t wait for autumn with it’s variety of apples! I wish there were more local farms that took an interest in selling heirloom vegetables. Hell, I wish I had my own land so I could grow them myself! Tonight I am leaning towards pancakes, farm fresh eggs, and slab bacon. Such a change from when I was vegetarian huh? Actually this is the first time I’ve bought meat in a long time.

My poor babe last night, he fell and bit his lip pretty bad, he is dealing with it fine, I had him holding/chewing on a cold and wet prefold but his lip is swollen. So we took photos of him and he was in a fantastic mood so I don’t feel so guilty posting them, it was about 40 min after he fell though and today the swelling is down a ton today thankfully. Right now he is playing with the 10 balloons I blew up for him. You can’t beat cheap metallic balloons for hours of playtime! Plus it’s really fun to throw them at the window and try to take photos. I am so easily amused. I also need to ponder something for lunch because I haven’t eaten a thing yet… maybe cherries? Yeah… yellow cherries sound nummy!

I just spent the last two hours trying to get the “thing” to suck. I had to undo all of the screws I had done, meanwhile asking it to just suck one last time. I was so fustrated! Finally I got the damn thing to suck and suck it did and I was so relieved but I would love a new one with attachments!

I checked out the Oprah 20th Anniversary Edition DVD set from the library because… it’s Oprah… and now I am all about wanting to start a gratitude journal, learning to love myself, all of it. Maybe I should add that on the sidebar, a wee gratitude area.

Oh and remember, I always update Imagine just about daily!

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I once went months without a thing that sucked properly. It was so sad and stressful.  I bet you are a much happier girl now that you got yours fixed!

Reply to Heather

I’m not too big on apples at the moment, but I am impatiently waiting for pomegranate season.  Yummmmmm.  For now I eat my regular cherries and Queen Anne or Rainier cherries when I come across them.

Reply to Ally

Aww, poor Daniel. So far this summer…two of my three boys have had stitches and one of them has also lost a toenail. The “baby” (he’s 4!) cut the skin off the tip of his toe the night before last. I swear I would be so happy if I never hear “MOOOMMM! I’m bleeding!” again. Gods, all the foods you eat sound sooo good. And, I love your photos…as you know! I will have to leave you some comments when I get a chance. I still haven’t procured a better camera for myself. Hope you have a good day tomorrow! Love ya!


I’m glad D is okay.  Popsicles always help me when I bust my lip.  :D

Sorry about the migraines.  I think I mentioned once I get them often especially during the pregnancy.  They gave me two meds to take, both of which are safe for pregnancy and so far, nada.  Let me know if you want to know what the meds are.

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Oh dear… migraines run in my family, so you have my sympathy. Best thing I find is to shut myself in a dark room, with no sounds/light and a whole lot of painkillers. I used to have a lavender and tea tree temple thing, but the company stopped making them… I keep meaning to get mum to mix me one up, hah.

Your food pictures are some of the nicest I’ve seen – they actually make me hungry ^^

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My sister needs to buy stock in Excedrin too. She buys the huge bottles of 250 pills and finishes them in a week. Crazy.

Reply to Nicolah

Oh man, I hope your son is okay. But darn, he is a cute boy! I love those pictures! -squee- He’s a cutie pie. :) I hope you have a great rest of your week.

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