Damn Glasses and WATP

December 26th 2004 / 2 minutes to read

As some of you know, I wear glasses. I can’t see a damn thing without some sort of corrective lens. If I don’t, everything looks like a gaussian blur was applied! Anyway, the right lens has a death wish. It loves to fly right out of the frame. Well tonight it got it’s wish because it slammed into the hard frozen street and a whole chunk came off. Then I managed to get it crammed in to hopefully walk back to the apartment (Daniel and I were returning a movie) and it flew off again into the snow. So I came inside and all but threw them at my father. I am currently wearing an older pair, same prescription, but I don’t like the frames at all, I want to get contact lenses. I am waiting for my sister to get home so I can talk to her about them and costs and such.

Also, I hate to spend the money… in general… bad enough I spent money at the grocery store and it’s like… on what! Anyway, I had the VHS of the Walk Away the Pounds and liked them a lot so I am going to get off of Ebay the dvd set with ohhh ahhh included stretchie band! Getting them on Ebay is only going to save me about $10 but that’s still pretty darn good for three dvds and again, the stretchie band!

I put the left over beef stir-fry I made earlier into one of my fancy containers so that takes care of lunch tomorrow! Tonight probably homemade beef fajitas since I got a package of pre-cut beef strips from the store.

No one really seems to be online today! Yet I am so chatty! Bleh work tomorrow, although I do like my job, still… I am not a morning person at all!

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Oooh I hope you do get your eyes checked 8)

OMG I love fajitas! Save me some? ^__^

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