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So I’m sitting at my desk today at work, when I see a woman hacking away and storing dandelions. Apparently she does this ever year and eats them.



posted on April 15th 2005 at 7:46PM CDT

She eats them??? Ewww!

posted on April 16th 2005 at 1:28AM CDT

You can actually make a lot of things with Dandelions. There is dandelion wine. I also have seen recipes with salad that includes dandelions. With her head scarf…she looks foreign…Russian maybe. So, who know what she will make of them. Interesting…LOL!

posted on April 16th 2005 at 5:29AM CDT

Dandelion leaves (and the flowers I believe) can be used in salads and have a mild diuretic effect.

The thing this made me think of though was a pop (soda) from my youth – Dandelion and Burdock which I haven’t seen for years but tasted delicious. Almost got me arrested by USAF police though as they thought I was smuggling alcohol onto a base! Fortunately a UK police officer explained that it was a soda – didn’t stop them half dismantling the car though. :)

posted on April 19th 2005 at 8:22PM CDT

Wow.  That’s quite a few she’s got there.  I wonder how long they stay fresh, and if you can freeze them.  Very festive outfit.  :)

posted on April 21st 2005 at 9:02PM CDT

I harvested some dandelions today. They’re easy to pick and dry, make great tea, and the whole plant is edible, except for the seed puff balls. The flowers, leaves, and roots are all thought o have magical properties and are used in herbal medicines and potions. I like a few leaves in a salad. They’re bitter so taste them first. I pick mine away from the dog spots and keep my yard pesticide free.

posted on April 24th 2005 at 12:10AM CDT

She may be cooking them to make chigolies (sp?). I’m mostly Italian. My mom’s mother (my grandma) is Italian and I think her mother (and possibly her as well) used to make them. :)