Darn Tables

May 1st 2002 / 1 minute to read

I still can not seem to fix the tables on the blue skin, I have tried everything, it looked fine when I previewed it on my comp but it then goes back to being evil on my site. Why oh why evil tables have you forsaken me!
On the perky site, I had a nice chat with Jenn from Mwahness and Intensified. Mucho groovyness there!
Well, I am going to feed Daniel and see if there is anything else to do while I actually have a working connection to the ‘net!
Oh before I forget, AHHH BUFFY, and what did next weeks preview MEAN!? Roswell, AHHH and sob hysterically as only TWO episodes left!
Okey, going back to feeding and browsing!

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